About CreditPerks.ca

CreditPerks.ca is primarily about helping my fellow Canadians find the right credit cards and other financial loan offers out there.

This site has been created primarily as an expose about all the lending institutions out there in Canada based on my own experiences with really bad advice from certain banks.

It is my goal, as the found of CreditPerks.ca, to act as a buffer between you and the unscrupulous bankers and financial advisors to help get the facts you need to know about anything pertaining to your personal or small business finances so that no other Canadian ever has to feel the pains I’ve felt because of mis-advice from financial institutions.

I’ve created CreditPerks.ca to mainly help every Canadian find the right credit card and loan offers out there today that won’t screw you over.

Beyond helping you find the best financial deals out there in Canada today, there will also be money savings tips and when I find really killer deals and great coupons for Canadian shoppers those will get posted too!

In a nutshell, CreditPerks.ca has been created to help you make the most of your personal or small business budget to stretch your money farther.

So basically what you can expect to see from CreditPerks.ca is only the best credit card offers, the best information about loans, whether a mortgage loan, small business loan, you’ll find our reviews and tips about Canadian financial offers out there and I will also share the best shopping deals in Canada today that will help you stretch your family budget even further!

If you have any tips about saving money or know of any great deals out there in Canada today please let me know and I would love to share the deals with our fellow Canadians.

My name is Pearce McDougall and I’ve been through the ringer and back when it comes to personal financial issues and it is my goal as the founder of CreditPerks.ca to help each and every other Canadian avoid the financial pains I felt in going through the hard times of 2008 and being forced into bankruptcy.

I am older and wiser now and have many great tips to share with people just like me!

Regardless of whether or not you have experienced economic hardships, I personally have a lot of personal experiences dealing with the Canadian bankers out there dispenses bad advice to you with the only concern of making more for the financial institution they work for.

That’s part of my goal, is to help you get the right information you need to know to make the right decision for you and your family .

CreditPerks.ca has been created to give you tips and ideas to help you avoid the pains I once felt about losing it all in the hopes that the tips provided here can help you find the right financial offers.

Please Note: Before making any serious financial decision, I recommend talking to a professional advisor first. The thoughts and tips on this page are mine and mine alone based on my unique personal experiences.

Ultimately I can not be held responsible for your financial decisions

If you have specific questions about your personal financial situation I am more than happy to respond to you with my thoughts and ideas about your situation and will be happy to make a recommendation to a professional that could help you.

If you have any questions specific to your situation please go ahead and use the “Contact Us” form on the CreditPerks.ca blog and I happily help you find the financial solution you need with my personal honest to goodness advice from my real life experiences!

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