Airline Credit Cards Canada

Compare the Top 3 Airline Credit Card Offers in Canada & Apply Online

Airline Credit Cards Canada
Top 3 Airline Credit Cards in Canada

Here is a list of the best airline rewards cards out there today. We’ve started with an offer that gives you not only travel rewards but also delivers luxury benefits including VIP airport lounge access plus also gives you the convenience of a personal concierge service to book vacations as well as any other bookings or “busy work” you need taken care of.

Compare the top offers to earn travel miles & apply online now for these limited time deals!

Top Pick – Featuring Bonus Rewards & Luxury Perks

We highly recommend applying for the Gold American Express Card because of the 15,000 bonus points you get on your 1st purchase, the accelerated travel rewards points program and the luxury VIP benefits you get on top of that!

Another great incentive to apply for this luxury credit card offer is there is No Annual Fee for the first year.

Apply online now for this deal because we know you’re going to love the complimentary concierge service & the VIP airport lounge access perks that are included with this card!

Airline Travel with No Annual Fee

There are no bonus rewards or luxury perks with this airline rewards card. However if you’re not a frequent flyer and want to earn points towards a much needed vacation without paying an annual fee then the Scotia Rewards Visa is the perfect card for you.

Airline Bonus Rewards with a Low Annual Fee

The Scotiabank American Express offer features 5,000 bonus points and double the rewards on your gas station, groceries store, dining & entertainment card purchases and all this comes with a very low annual fee of only $39. This

Other Travel Rewards Offers

You’re wise to apply for the above offers because you not only get special discounts on hotels, airfare, cruises and vacation packages, you can use the points you earn towards any travel related expenses such as your airfare or to book your hotel.

However if you want to earn rewards for specific hotels for example then you can check out our picks of the Best Hotel Loyalty Rewards card offers.

The hotel credit cards featured in our hotels loyalty rewards category are great for people who may prefer to take road trips versus traveling to far off places on an airplane.

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